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About Us

Native Sun Group is a Virtual Vertically Integrated Renewable Energy Development Company.  We have developed a turnkey solution for developing and implementing renewable energy projects.
What makes us virtually vertically integrated is that we have partnered with renewable energy companies throughout the industry including Manufacturers, Engineers, Consultants, Construction Companies, and financial institutions to develop and implement renewable energy projects.

By partnering with these companies, our team, has the capability, and capacity, to develop and implement renewable energy projects from site assessment, to construction, to Operations and Maintenance.... From Start to Finish.    

NSG brings your project to life.

We are contracting to place more solar in America than any other privately held corporation. To date we have a valid "pipeline" of more than 200 MW PV. In Arizona and California we are preparing to build several Solar Parks ranging from 1 MW to 20 MW.


  • Turnkey Solar Solution 
  • Work with 8(a) Contractors
  • Create Native American Jobs
  • Warranted Performance
  • Guaranteed Product Supply
  • Product Control
What we Provide:

  • Feasibility
  • Design and Engineering
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation and Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • The complete TEAM


The Native Sun Group Team:

Dr. D.L. Mitchell, Founder / Co-Owner Native Sun Group.  Developer/Integrator and EPC coordinator

Dr. Mitchell's Military background consists of Crisis Response/Management (Assessing the Crisis and Defining/Implementing the Response).  He's combined his energies over the last 36 years to serve as a Chaplain in the Air Force (Air, Army, Air Guard & Air Reserve). He was a 1st Responder on a National Crisis Team and attended every major Crisis Event in the last quarter of a century. He completed his military by serving with the 1st Air Force, NORAD/North-com and Homeland Security, and a Colorado Air Reserve Unit.

Dr. D.L Mitchell spent 2009 and 2010 assessing and defining a response to the lack of a standardized/integrated “solar package”. The end result of his efforts is a world-recognized highly technical energy team!  It was after his military career that he began to bring together people he had served with and target a niche that was being neglected, Green Energy in areas that others could/would not enter: Military (Building Integration & Energy Security), Native American Tribes and other Government Agencies. His efforts have already succeeded in areas that others have failed to reach. 

Dennis Farrell, Co-Founder / Co-Owner Native Sun Power.  40 years of experience in commercial construction.

James D. Taylor (Dwight), Chief Of Operations.

William S. Spradling (Bill), Dir. Of Field Development. 

Sonny Hinojosa, Director of Marketing & Distribution.

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